Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WIP - Pezzy Print Quilt

There are a number of fabrics that appeal to me, but that I feel clueless about what to do with them.  One of them was Pezzy Prints by Moda, so I got a charm pack so I didn't have to figure out how to cut up a giant field of it.   I'd seen a couple of different styles of quilts that use framing, so it seemed like that would be a fun way to incorporate them into a project.

I'm just about done with all the tiles.  I started this about a month ago, and it's ironic how uh..much more fabric I got in the interim.  Some of the prints I used I wouldn't have if I started again today, but it was all I had in that hue at the time.

One green tile I did turned out a bit too wonky,  due to both how I cut it, and with print choice since I would've liked more green in it, but I think most of them have managed a bit better.

trying to decide on the last few background fabrics
Just to archive my measurements -
I cut my solids to 8", put the 5" charms on top of them cut out the pieces around it, then, sewed the solid pieces to the charm with a 1/4"seam allowance before trimming it to a 6.5" block.

I cut my prints to 10", put the framed charms on top of that, cut out the pieces around it, sewed the print pieces to the 6.5" blocks with a 1/4" seam allowance, then trimmed them to 8.5" blocks.

If I do something like this again I will probably use 10" and 12" squares, so I have more leeway, some of the tiles were a wee bit short of 8.5"

I decided to keep the quilt very small, as I can see it's not going to turn out how I had it in my mind.  It's a good size for a kid's play mat though I think. 

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