Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Handstitched Class - planning a palette

inspiration photo

I figured I should work on an actual color scheme for the Stitched in Color Modern Medallion quilt for Handstitched class.  I had an awesome sheet that just didn't wear well and I'd cut it up to make some pajama bottoms recently.  I still had lots of it left so decided to base the quilt around that.  It's sadly the closest thing in my house that has any exotic Moroccan feel to it so I was glad to find some things to re-purpose it for.   Also it's color reminds me of my favorite tea - Celestial Seasoning's Mandarin Orange Spice that I've been drinking since I was a kid. MMMMM.

I browsed through my folder of design magazine pages looking to see what color combinations I had which included orange.  I came across a photo that I've been holding onto for about ten years.  Anytime I see it I just want to curl up and take a nap (after kicking off whoever the hell belongs to those feet).  My stash has a good amount of oranges & purpley-red prints so it seemed like a good way to go without spending a lot of money to purchase additional fabric.

I went to Colourlovers and uploaded the photo and pulled a few colors off of it.  I drew the line at scanning a scrap of the sheet so I could get an exact match though.  I also have a lot of green in my stash so I added that to the palette as I think it works for what I'm looking for.  I think  still need a yellow and a magenta-ish solid.  Thank goodness I got my Kona color card!

I so eager to start on the quilt that I have to admit that I already cut the strips out of one print for the center medallion border last week  Also I count that I have 21 fabrics ready willing and able to go instead of 10-14, which means I have some editing to do.

I think this quilt could look quite nice with these choices (mebbe).  Other people are starting to post their delicious fabric choices but I'm not going to let that make me second guess too much.  I'm already going to change it into a rectangular quilt instead of a square and that's enough controversy for me!

Stitched in Color - handstitched class

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  1. Hi! Just added you to my "main" quilting group on my blog reader so I can keep up with your Medallion quilt. I posted my first dogwood blossom photo yesterday on the Flickr group and I'm so excited about this quilt! I love you color stories above and look forward to seeing your progress! Lily.