Monday, June 11, 2012

Handstitched Class: Center Dogwood Blossom

Wait!!! That doesn't look square!!!

For the handstitched class quilt, I missed the part where you cut the dogwood blossom shape OUT of the freezer paper before ironing it to the fabric.  One thing about being unorganized was I didn't turn on my laptop in my sewing room, so was running back and forth to the computer room to read directions.   Anyway I ended up ironing the whole piece on and then cutting fabric/paper out with a 1/2" seam allowance to the line, which meant that after clipping to the border I had to trim that excess 1/2" of freezer paper off, being careful to not cut any of the fabric.

My "blind stitches" went further onto the dogwood medallion than needed, and I decided to use some fly stitching on the mitred corners, though I might upgrade to a whipped fly stitch (talk about exciting and daring!).  Obviously this means I'm changing the layout of the border hand stitching, and I may add some flowery element to to see if that supports the rich Moroccan feel I'm aiming for (though I already get the idea my quilt is a sentient thing that's going to turn out however it damn well pleases).  It's fun to be adding other embroidery elements to the hand stitching tools I'm learning.

I'm enamored of Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials which has tutorials on a ton of stitches.

I had a heck of a time choosing the outer print for this, I wasn't really happy with any of my options.  I went with Valori Wells' Wrenly in Violet, as it has the green pink and orange that I'm going to be doing the hand stitching in.  I was amazed at what a different feel each fabric I tried as a background gave. I'm having trouble visualizing my end product without more closeups of the finished quilt - not sure where the prints actually go in it.
I didn't do mitred corners on the outer layer because it just didn't look right.
My square isn't exactly square, and I think it's 1/4" short in a couple of places, but will figure out what to do about that after the border is stitched.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how this is coming with the embroidery! : )