Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bunny break

I am in the middle of a couple of time intensive embroidery pieces, but the dreary weather here has made me a bit gloomy and I needed to finish something to cheer myself up.  I spent a couple of hours working on one piece last night, but since both of them have hours more of work, I decided to start something new and simple that could be done quickly.

My bunny drawing skills need some work, but this only took about an hour to make.  I am content that it's springy/summery enough to make me smile.  I have a bad feeling if I'm not careful I'll be taking all the art down from the hallway and filling it up with dozens of hoops of embroidery instead. 

On another note, I never understood why Ryan Gosling was all sexy to women.  I hadn't heard of the "Hey girl" meme surrounding him until I saw somebody post a picture from one of the... subcategories, Handmade Ryan Gosling.  I have to admit Ryan seems a lot more attractive to me since I found that site.

from @SewHappyGeek

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  1. And my new favorite hunk is Channing Tatum! Love your embrioderies!