Monday, June 4, 2012

Kona Color Card

I'd been putting off buying a Kona color card for awhile (ie since I found out they existed).  Fat Quarter Shop had them - the description said 214 colors.  Hancocks of Paducah has them and the description says 220 colors.  Then people came back from quilt market saying there were new colors, 243 total!!!

So I was waiting and wondering if I'd be able to get my hands on a new one with ALL available colors.  The Kaufman site says they'll have cards available in early June but I wasn't convinced I'd manage to snag one before they were out of stock, so I finally went and ordered one from The Fat Quarter Shop (Mainly because FQS price + shipping was the same as Hancock's base price).

Last month I ordered 6 half yards of various colors for my upcoming Wonky Star engagement quilt, and a couple of the colors were different than I thought they would be (especially Sienna).  I'd browsed flickr for pictures -  lots of people have the same issues so some people make an effort to post photos for accuracy, but I am still left with one fabric that doesn't go with any project I'll ever make.  The stores near me only carry about 8-10 colors combined, so I wanted to be able to order online and know what I'm getting.  I really want to be able to get rolling on it so I thought the color card was a better investment of just crossing my fingers and ordering fabric left and right until I found the right color match.

My FQS Kona card came with the supplemental page with 28 more colors, which I wasn't expecting and am super grateful for.  Although really since I have 214 + 28 I only have 242, but I think I'll live without sorting through them all figuring out which one is missing!   I was going to email them to suggest they update the description so people would know they would get the extra colors with it, but now they are out of stock. :(

Anyway, I  suggest that if you use much in the way of solids or have to order online, that it's a minimal investment overall to make to make sure you get what you want.

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