Monday, June 18, 2012

Coaster of the month: June

I actually  made this at the beginning of the month, Im about 7% better at taking pictures now, so I'd take a better picture of the front but...well my coffee mug runneth over and it didn't get back to pristine white after laundering.  I like to think that I've learned a bit more info about reverse applique this month, and if I took another shot at this, it'd come out better. (That and I bought one of those olfa circle cutters which presumably will make my circles actually circular shaped.)

My machine stitching in the round wasn't very impressive, so I just added a blanket stitch yesterday which is going to keep any edge fraying in check.  And sheesh, looking at these pictures I HOPE my sewing has gotten leaps and bounds better in just the last few weeks.  Next month - mug rug! And it will be an almost perfect rectangle or I'll start over, I mean really, not sure I could take the embarrassment if I can't eventually get my basic shapes down ;)

first ever applique project - uh..woohoo?

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