Thursday, June 7, 2012

Handstitched Class: Eyelet Needlebook

I made an eyelet needlebook last night for my Stitched In Color Handstitched class and I will say I'm getting frustrated at my seeming inability to read and follow directions!  The felt piece is 1/2" inch longer on one side & got positioned sideways when I stitched the circles because I failed to double check the measurements.   I had already stitched on the button, cut out the circles and done the blanket stitch before I realized this.

My first choice fabric really just didn't work -  it would've looked "super hella awesome" inside but you couldn't see enough of the spots through the holes.  It also wasn't wide enough but I  still hadn't caught on to my problem.  Next I tried a second fabric which also couldn't get me enough different colors through the circles to work, and it was also too narrow. At that point I grabbed a thing called a ruler, and quickly figured out that I better revamp the size of my lining fabric.

Limited by my felt color, my not big enough stash, needing to see SOMETHING I liked through the circle cut outs & the fact I already had a silvery button & yellow blanket stitching, I ended up using Michael Miller, Petite Point Citron.  I don't have a lot to say about the fabric, I mean it matches!  My cheap back up scissors really don't however...does it say something bad about me that I want to go buy scissors that match?

The one thing I did that I'm pleased with was to add a bead to the closure thread.  I tried my hand at jewelry making several years back and had a bit too much fun at my first and only bead show, so I checked my boxes to see if I had anything that would work.  My eye immediately fell on a bead that was both silvery like my button and greenish like everything else.

I think I will make a round book of some sort for needles and a pocket for a few skeins of floss wound onto thread bobbins, and a teeny one just for needles.  I might see if I can manage to add one row of yellow floss onto the button on this one so it is more cohesive looking.   So far I'm having a lot of fun with this class!

1st choice, Alexander Henry Griffith Dot (

2nd choice, Salt Air Sea Garden by Cosmo Cricket


  1. Adorable! (your needle book as well as your post - you're very funny!) I'm having so much fun watching the work of my fellow hand-stitched classmates and it's only week 1!! I used to do some jewelry work too and I LOVE the bead you added - beautiful touch! I have plenty of fabric, so tell me what you need and I'll send it : ) Not kidding! Lily

    1. Yes who knew online classes could be so fun? Well lots of people probably were aware of that, but I'm finding it a super treat! I don't even want to admit how much time I'm spending on Flickr checking to see what new stuff''s been posted ;)

  2. Your needle book looks great. I'm starting mine tonight. I have the same problem of not enough fabric in my stash. I love the bead.
    If I spent as much time sewing as I did looking on Flickr I would be finished by now.