Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jelly Roll Floor Pillow

Gorgeous version from living with punks
I saw an amazing floor pillow made out of a jelly roll at the living with punks blog and wanted to make my own.  She had lots of great pictures, and had gotten the directions from a tutorial/recipe at Moda Bake Shop

I really dig Moda Bake Shop, I mentioned that before but I cant say enough how I love that people contribute tutorials and patterns.

I'd ordered a Kaffe Fasset jelly roll from and was ugly.  Let me amend that - most of the fabrics were really not to my liking.   It was a neutrals roll on sale for under $20.  It had a different color of the print I made my much beloved bathrobe from, and for that matter a different color of the fabric I made one of my favorite shirts out of, but it just made me realize I need to stick to buying the bright cheery colors I like.

Solution: Cat bed
Reason: Cats don't care about color coordination

Truth...I read the beginning of the directions but not all the way through. Really I just read steps 3-5 and then cut all my strips instead of doing what they then cut, sew then cut...therefore it could've gone together better. READ DIRECTIONS!  I really have to get better at this or I don't get to tell my husband to read directions when he cant figure out how something works, and I LOVE being able to tell him to read directions!
So since I realized I hadn't been reading the directions, I decided to be stubborn and not read any of the rest of them.  I have no idea if I put together  any of the rest like they suggest either - I cut out 4 quarter circles from some fuzzy fabric I had and sewed them together for the bottom of the pillow, stuffed it with batting, and it seemed to all go together pretty well.  I was pleased that it took less than an hour for one cat to find it, and 12 hours later there were two on it.  I'd be pressing my luck though, if I hoped for my third cat to join in on the fun.

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