Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finished Project: Coin purses

Finished coin/etc. pouches
Tomodachi fat quarters from

Kawaii from Hawaii in Fun Day Beige
I'd been meaning to buy some Kawaii tomadachi fabric (I don't know if there's more accurate terminology) on Etsy for almost a year now, but never got around to it.  When I was ordering from, last month they had some Kawaii fabric.  Now I'm not fond of the banana yellow background color at all, but I figured I may as well add it to the order while I was shopping you know?

Lining side up

I'd wanted to make a purse or pouch of some sort for my sister, and decided I'd work with this first, and then order some other prints at a later date if it worked out'd seen a tutorial for a cloth coin purse at Me? A Mom? which references an oil cloth coin purse tutorial at Fresh Picked.  I needed to reference both for all the steps to make a padded cloth version.
First I made some slightly larger ones than were in the tutorial, starting with 7 x 8.5 inch fabric, ending with finished  purse sizes of  4.25 by 6.5 inches.  For the smaller pouches I followed the 5 x 7.5 inch measurement in the tutorials

Things I could've done better - sewn another row of stitches through the edges of the zippers during the first few steps so it was more secure & finished looking inside.

Serging the edges instead of pinking them would look nicer (I didn't use pinking shears originally but a couple of the linings were threatening to misbehave so I ended up pinking them when I was done).  The peacock pouch where I put the zipper at the very top was made with a pretty wide zipper, and that didn't work out as well as using a more narrow one would have, though I think a thick zipper would be just fine for other placements. 

Hand topstitch
 When I used a 7 inch zipper for a smaller pouch I found it impossible to topstitch by machine, so I just grabbed some embroidery floss and did it by hand.

Overall a fun and relatively quick project.  I really like how you can put the zipper anywhere you choose. I have another tutorial for these that is slightly different so I think I'll try that soon too.

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