Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Order & Review

packaged FQ bundle of Moth Cocoon (Valori Wells)
I made an order from to finish a few gaps in my patchwork prism quilt.  My review for this order is just about all positive.  Despite the cart telling me they were backed up on orders and running 24-48 hours behind, they shipped my order out the same day, even though I'd made the order after their 3pm eastern time deadline for same day shipping.  For my order size it was either $10 for ground shipping or $11 for priority, so I went with priority and had the fabric in my grubby little hands 48 hours after I ordered it - Texas to Washington.  Not bad!

unfolded lemon grove fat quarter
I was thrilled how they packaged their fat quarter bundles in contrast to the ones I'd gotten from  I pulled them from their packaging and neither of the bundles were creased.  If I was wasn't from the school of pre-washing, I'd never order from a company that packaged bundles any other way, as ironing would be a cinch. The bundle to the left was on sale and is out of stock now, which means it'd been sitting around for awhile, but due to how it was folded, it didn't suffer for it.

hand washing my pezzy print charm pack

I got a bit more fabric, including a charm pack of Pezzy Prints which I'm going to base a quilt around and a Kaffe Fasset jelly roll.  The down side was that my order was over $60, at that price shipping jumps from $5 to $10.  As there wasn't a lot of weight or bulk to my purchase it hurt a bit to pay that much.

Summary: I wish the FQS carried a few more of my favorite designers so I could use them as my one stop shopping store, but I'll definitely be ordering from them again.  I do find it unlikely I'll ever be close to the $200 required to get free shipping unless I get the patience to not shop impulsively (cough GL with that) - or keep my eagle eye peeled for free shipping promotions.  I will add that I found Valori Wells FQ cocoon bundles at a less expensive price elsewhere - s $15.31 vs $22.50 so although I felt their prices were good overall, I'll certainly be more aware about comparing prices between vendors in the future and factor shipping rates into it.

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