Saturday, May 26, 2012

Handstitched - Stitched In Color class

I'm super excited to take my first sewing class.  It might say something about my introverted personality that it's an online class (or it might just confirm I'm devoted to wearing pajamas and I can't do that in public),  but as what piqued my interest in quilting was a quilt on Rachel's Stitched in Color blog, it seems only fitting that I'd take her class to learn the intricacies of hand stitching.

I'm quite a procrastinator, so I was lucky I signed up the same day she announced it was open, as it sold out rather quickly.   I bought the student kit for it, and chose a lovely moss colored felt that reflects the soggy pacific northwest parks full of greenery and banana slugs.  It also had several different sewing related items such as transfer paper I haven't ever used.

I'm really looking forward to the class start on June 4th, and think I'm mostly prepared supply wise except some freezer paper - and I'm sure I'll need a bit more fabric, everybody always needs more fabric!

It should be fun seeing if I can keep on a schedule which is as follows:

Week 1:  Reverse Applique - no experience 
Week 3:  Embroidery - limited needlework as a pre-teen 
Week 5:  English Paper Piecing - no experience, looking forward to learning 
Week 7:  Applique - I've done one item with the machine and one by hand, both teeny. 
Week 9:  Hand quilting - a bit of decorative experience on a couple projects after reading about it @ Stitched in Color and a great tutorial on Anna Maria Horner's blog. No idea what it will be like to do actual practical quilting, but since I can't fit a larger quilt into my sewing machine this will be the most useful thing I learn I imagine.

I'm a bit conflicted and worried about the medallion quilt for the main project.  I like aspects of it but there are so many pieces and shapes I'm worried about making a cohesive color scheme arrangement  that works for me. Have some plans churning for it at least!


  1. Saw your intro on the Flickr discussion. I'm excited to see everyone's projects as we start this week. I'm looking forward to the hand quilting portion too! Enjoy and see you there! Lily.

    1. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with too, you seem pretty talented!