Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fabric tissue paper cover

I always, I mean ALWAYS have Kleenex with me.  It's in every room in my house, purses and glove compartments...  I was looking for directions for some sort of tissue paper cover, since after awhile they get sort of scrunched up in my purse, and I figured they'd stay better protected and easier to spot if they were in something colorful.

On the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog (which often has some fun reads on it) I found a guest post and tutorial by Jennifer of JCasa *handmade for three different versions of tissue paper holders, PDF found here.

This was easy and fast to put together, less than 10 minutes, using  a scrap of Anna Maria Horner Summer Totem fabric, and a bit of an Ikea sheet for the lining.

I stitched up the sides some to make the opening smaller, because my husband goes on trips to Japan every once in a great while, and brings home these cute  packs of tissue about 80% of the size of the Kleenex pocket packs.  I was almost done with them which I was happy about cause though I love cute animals and dancing teacups, the tissue isn't exactly soft and fluffy.  Sadly, he found a local store that sells some so more ended up in my Christmas stocking.

I mean please, how adorable


  1. CUTE tissue cover!!! Send me an email, you are the NEW WINNER of my SMS giveaway!!!!!!!!! Thanks! :)