Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along - Sweet Sugar Cookie Sack

There are only 5 weeks left after this one in the Zakka Style sew along over at LRStitched.  I am doing two of them for sure, and possibly four. I really think quilt and sew alongs are my favorite things I've discovered this year!  This week the Zakka Style project is a sweet sugar cookie sack filled with felt sugar cookies.

I really have no use at all for felt sugar cookies, but what I do have a use for is a fun way to package some cat toys.  Last year I made a couple of catnip toys for Christmas presents, and I am hoping to get a bit more creative each year, as I've yet to meet a cat that was impressed by the same old gift.

With that in mind, I decided to embroider my label with a ca friendly motif.  I used Essex linen in steel for the body, an Anna Maria Horner chocolate lollipop print for the trim & mammabird in violet by Valori Wells for the label.

For thread I tried Aurifil for the first time, a variegated pink and white in 12 weight, the thickest thread they make.  I don't think my machine appreciated it to much, it was acting cranky!

I just made two catnip "cookies" since the holidays are so far away still.   Plain old cheap felt for the cookies themselves, with double sided web tape fusing the top layer of felt "frosting" on so it would stay secure before decorating with a "sprinkles". (Hey, I'm getting really good at put words in "quotes"!)  I stuffed the toys with poly-fil and a tablespoon of Sojos catnip.

I'm pretty sure the bag should be able to sit upright by itself,mine does not I don't think I trimmed enough off the inside corners, but it probably would if filled with heavier objects such as homemade cat treats.

I made the mistake of leaving the catnip toys out  while I ate lunch, and went back into the living room to find my kitty Tzatziki  hanging out on the ironing board playing with them already.  I guess that makes it a success!


  1. That is pretty cute.

  2. Ali, I know Amy from Nanacompany and I sent her your blog. This cracks me up - as usual! :)

    1. Aww, well it's a good thing sewing is filled with funny mishaps! Plenty of stuff to poke fun at myself about ;)