Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm done! I'm done! I'm done!

Thank goodness for cat kennels!
Ok, I'm not done but I'm caught up!  I stayed up until 1:30 am Friday morning finishing the embroidery, making the backing, and sandwiching my Modern Medallion quilt for Handstitched class.   My husband wasn't home to hold it up for me so I just took a few quick horrible pictures before taking it back in to start marking for hand quilting.

I wet blocked the top (that was fun to try), and got a lot of the waviness out of the center medallion & paper pieced blocks.  I may do it again, as there is some rippling at the outer edges and the center has stretched again during sandwiching.

I had my share of problems with this quilt.  99% of them were because I didn't follow  written instructions, or watch a video all the way through to see what I was supposed to do.  That didn't stop me from failing to follow directions over and over again though!

Things I did "different"
- Square quilts are not my "thing"  so I added a couple of strips of fabric to elongate it into a rectangle.
- Altered the embroidery towards the center - some of its a hit, some a miss.  I was all over the map with Indian additions & lopsidedness.
 - Adding a ginkgo leaf stencil to two borders for the hand quilting. (I'm pretending ginkgo trees are from Morocco instead of China).

Quilt Back
Quilt back: I didn't really want to piece together fabric for a backing, but I hadn't planned ahead and then it was time to put it all together!  I used some leftover solids and a print, excess 2.5" strips from the border, some of the sheeting I used for the center medallion, and two 1/2 yards cuts of Illuminate in Orange from the 1001 Peeps collection by Lizzy House (I accidentally ordered half a yard from two different shops in the same week...hadn't planned on using it for this) I'm pretending the little candle holders are  genie lamps!

Peeps Illuminate in Orange

Tzatziki making herself at home


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Nicole, I'm going to have to work on being able to take clearer pictures like you manage to do of your lovely quilts!

  2. Ali, this looks so beautiful!!! I love the creativity and how the embroidery turned out. Yours is so different from everyone else's! Great job!! (and a lot of work, I know!)

    1. Thank you Lily, I'm still not sure how its going to look when its all done, but I'm wishing I could hurry up and finish so I can practice snuggling up in it!

  3. Ali, did you do the embroidery before or after you sewed the quilt the quilt together?

    1. Hi! That embroidery in the middle was done on just the quilt front before it was put together, now that its together I'm doing decorative hand quilting over the whole thing to hold all the layers together.