Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ali Makes Wine Part IV: Labels

The Banana Pineapple Viognier "mist" wine I just bottled is really meant to be drunk within a year or so unless you add extra sulphites to it (which I didn't).  Because of this I figured I didn't have to come up with an impressive label to stand the test of time.  I wasn't feeling creative so that really worked in my favor!   I opted for a very basic banana/pineapple picture but I felt I had to do something to it.  As I think the Polaroid quilts I've been seeing around Blogland are interesting, I decided to incorporate that into the label.  This way its like the banana and pineapple are posing for pictures during a date at the school dance. 

Only one wine kit I've used came with its own labels, so I tinkered up the rest myself (albeit not with my own artwork so much).   You can order generic labels, but it can be a lot more fun to do your own, and if you are giving out wine to friends and family it feels great to have the bottle to show a bit more of your personality.  As I was trying to figure out what to do for this last wine, I thought I'd revisit my my previous "work".

The very first wine I made was not from a kit.  I went to a local market and bought a bunch of red & concord grapes, red & black plums, red & Rainier cherries for the main fruits, and raisins,  golden raisins & a banana for body.  Oh and on top of that a can of Welches grape juice.  It actually became quite drinkable after a year or so.   It takes a lot more work and care to wing it, so thats why I'm grateful for wine kits.

My husband really likes Fennec foxes, so I made my first ever Photoshopped project for the wine around them.  I am not a giant fan of Photoshop since I don't use it often enough to remember how to do what, but I managed to  get 5 different elements together in one photo & I love how silly my label turned out. 

This wine tasted much worse than the label looked!

Last years wine "cooler"

My first wine kit

My favorite label to date

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