Friday, August 24, 2012

Heather Ross Nursery Versery - Live On Stage

My favorite spider of all
I'd been waiting for Heather Ross' Nursery Versery to be available at Intrepid thread, I really just wanted to make sure to get the Itsy Bitsy Spider print because it's so freakin adorable, but when Rachel at Stitched in Color decided to throw down the gauntlet and challenge us to do something with this line, I gave in and got a bundle from even though I had no ideas at all.

The only other Heather Ross fabric I've gotten my hands on is one of her guitar prints, which also arrived this Tuesday along with my Nursery Versery bundle. (Oh If only I'd gotten into sewing a year or two earlier!) and I decided to do something that incorporated it.  "It's Raining" is not my favorite Peter, Paul and Mary song by far, but it seemed apt for the print, especially as soon it's going to be rainy season here again. (Just to note, I'm torn between "500 Miles" and "Lemon Tree" ;)

So that's what this is, Peter Paul and Mary on stage giving an outdoor concert.  I resisted the tempation to embroider long blonde hair on the female pig though...

I was going to make a mug rug originally, but the size kept increasing,and it turned into a er...somewhat rectangular wall hanging (9" by 12"). I used embroidery (poorly!) hand and machine applique & hand stitching on this.  I also learned I really need to practice binding corners on smaller projects!


 I used Rowan Fabrics shot cotton for the grass (considered embroidering blades of grass onto it but nixed the idea) Essex linen for the stage, Art Gallery Pure Elements in Fresh Blue for the embroidery/sky.

I like aspects of it, but mostly I like that I did something outside of my comfort zone.  I dig tweaking other people's patterns and ideas, but I've never really improvised like this before and I'm not a creative type at all, so its nice to know that my brain is capable of making silly things.


  1. You had me at embroidering long blonde hair on that piggy! Haaa!!

    I too have issues with binding smaller projects. My corners come out all lopsided and spikey. I think it is mainly my issue with cutting straight and seeing straight (!!) ugh.

    Love this hanging :)

    1. Thank you! Now I cant get the image of Miss Piggy out of my mind, she has a wig that looks a lot like Mary's hair, its driving me crazy!

  2. Oh how cute is that! The pigs are gorgeous with the guitars. What a great idea!!! Well done!

  3. So cute! My first thought was why didn't the nursery versery piggies I ordered come with guitars??? But then I read your post - great idea!

  4. Ali you have come up with a sweet little story to hang on a wall and it is a great first go at improvisational work. I too did my first improv. with a central park section for a playmat this month and was surprised how a little scene can come together using fabric.

  5. You ARE the creative type. I think everyone is, but you have to claim it and give yourself a chance. See, you gave yourself a chance and you totally rose to the occasion =)

  6. Hey Ali!! This is adorable, creative and hilarious. Love the guitars, love the spiders, Love the sun next to the rainy day saying! Very apropos for your seasonality!! : )