Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hey, so I remembered libraries exist!

I was a rampant library goer since elementary school, you kind of have to be when you're an avid reader.  After I was done with all my "higher learning" and moved back to WA in 2003 I just never got around to getting another library card.  When I started looking into quilting at the beginning of the year I saw a ton of books I wanted, but with full bookshelves and that thing called a "budget" I was in a bit of a quandary about figuring out where to start.  I've bought a number of sewing books that weren't that useful and I didn't want to repeat that with quilting/crafts.

I used to pacify the guilt I had at borrowing books instead of buying them by reminding myself that since I didn't have kids, but taxes went to support schools and libraries, that I should take advantage of the library services as much as possible.   Once I remembered that, I ran to get a card pronto!

Our library system is awesome, Seattle has so many branches I've managed to get a ton of books in the last two months so I could winnow through them and see which ones I felt I needed. (By the way, technology has sure advanced, I was totally embarrassed to find out that you don't check your books out at the desk anymore, you just go to a computer and scan them all in - I mean even held books are just on a shelf in alphabetical order by lendee name and you just go in, grab them yourself, check em out yourself...60 seconds tops, its amazing.)

First picture in Denyse Schmidt's Quilts - decided I must buy it no matter what, must make beds and all!
I have a technique for figuring out which books to purchase.  I use business cards to mark projects I'd like to make as I browse through them.  If I bookmark more than two projects I consider it, and if it has 4 pages bookmarked its a "must buy".

Yep, the only reason I'm writing this post is to say that if you aren't utilizing your library I highly recommend it!  My most recent purchases are;
Denyse Schmidt: Quilts - by Denyse Schmitdt and Bethany Lyttle
Fat Quarterly - Shape Workshop for /quilters -  by 4 awesome people
Doodle stitching: The Motif Collection: 400+ Easy Embroidery Designs by Aimee Ray


  1. Funny, I did the exact same thing on Saturday! I too walked out with a stack of sewing & quilting books

  2. You're lucky. Here in Amacueca we do have a library, but my spanish isn't good enough to understand everything.

    1. Oh I feel for you! I tried translating some Patrones magazine sewing directions into English using though I don't think it was that successful.
      I'm finding there are enough amazing bloggers out there with tutorials for most everything, email me if you're looking for anything specific!

  3. Hey Ali! Thanks for the reminder - I buy WAY too many quilting books!!