Sunday, February 24, 2013

Improv"ish" wall hanging - completed

Phew.  I'm going to say this was challenging.  Really the challenging bits were switching between the walking, 1/4" piecing and FMQ feet over and over again, and the thread, oh the thread!  This was the first time I've tried Aurifil in my new machine and it did NOT like it.  Then it didn't like it more.

Come to find out I was automatically putting all my thread in with the label to the left like  I've always done, but one variegated thread I was using had the label on the opposite end so it was feeding the wrong direction.

Well once I got THAT sorted out, things got easier and much more fun (and PG13).

There's not a lot to say about this, it's a thing! Despite my best intentions of improv/randomness doing, I still found my colorful bits lining up in organized little rows.

Used this as a good excuse to practice some different FMQ patterns, and I included some fabric that had some handstitching on it, just because I didn't have any other purpose for it ;)  Anyway, this finished at 24" by 24", and I still have to attach something to it for hanging, as classy as the push pins look!

My favorite part is the itsy bitsy spider from Nursery Versery, I just love this guy with all my heart. I mean that kinda looks like I made another storm cloud and rain above him, right?  I feel so artistic!

I had fun making this, and am already planning another mini (the fractured pervalong) for next month.  I like that they require more attention to detail, which is a skill that I'd love to cultivate!

am I supposed to trim all those stray threads before I take a picture???


  1. I was totally thinking it looked like a rain cloud above the spider print the minute I saw it. The spider even looks a bit freaked out by how it worked out, too (which amuses me).

    The quilting beside the spider section looks a bit like a column, too.

    I was wondering about the red stitching then you mentioned variegated thread which totally explains it. I really like that effect. I bet it's even better in person (where you can better see the lighter colors).

    I really like your wall hanging.

  2. Eeeep. . yeah for such a great finish. Thanks for linking up my dear.