Friday, February 8, 2013

Tax Time Fabric Purchases & Reviews

Nothings celebrates an email that the IRS has accepted your federal tax return better than a bit of a fabric shopping spree.  I ordered all of this before our electrical fire actually...but I've decided I'm not going to regret the decision since I can't send it back.  Besides, if I didn't have a room full of fabric what would I bat flames out with?!

do I need to say Heather Ross Mendocino?
I did it, I finally broke down.  My purchase came from janeymac on Etsy, wrapped with some pretty twine.

Just a little bit, I could justify a mini $20 bundle after coveting it for an entire year.  The only thing that could've been better was if there were underwater mermaids in the lot. And maybe if it had some stuff from the aqua colorway...  And a bit of Far Far Away unicorn too... and just a single owl and pussycat floating on the sea.  Still crossing my fingers there will be a reprint of this line someday!

sew me a song
Sew Me a Song  This is my second purchase from Rebecca.  Neither of the places I do most of my ordering from had all the Architextures prints I wanted, neither of them had any of the ledger prints.  One benefit of purchasing here is that I can get fat quarters of individual fabrics without having to order a full  color story of something.  Also I read that she was offering a few scrap packs for sale, so I got nosy.

sew me a song scrap pack
This is a great version of what a scrap pack should be from a shop professesing to center on Japanese and contemporary cloth, varied sizes/shapes and a lot of variety.

Many of the scraps I'll never have a use for & truth is if I never see a chevron  again I'll be happy (Besides having made bedroom curtains out of them, I've gotten a dozen different scraps with my scrap packs in the last 6 months).

There's a lot of texty bits, some I already have, some I just wouldn't have bought an entire FQ of.  Having little bits of them is just awesome, they will lurk in my stash for months or years just waiting for the right moment.. The only caveat I'd add is to warn that some of the text prints ran 4x36" if that matters to you.

Last but not least, Hawthorne Thread got a big variety of Kaffe Fassett's Shot cottons in.  I'd purchased several from purl soho last year and loved them, so I was just waiting for them to come in before pouncing on the inventory.  Restocked my magenta and got half yards of seven other colors too.  It also seemed a good time to go back and get a few Pat Bravo prints that came out before I started quilting.

Hawthorne Threads

I love the depth of these solids, some of them are iridescent, some aren't.  I'm impressed I resisted trying all the colors...but I'm full of restraint!

All of my purchases came quickly, were well packaged (including in doubled up water resistant packaging, which is wonderful here on the west coast.  I have no plans in particular whatsoever for any of this, which is indulgent isn't it?


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  2. I hear you on the chevrons. That's a trend that can go away for a bit. And I'd say it can take "ombre" with it. Not that I hate either but good lord, the bandwagon is going to break down if any more folks jump on!

    That looks like a really good scrap pack even with some chevrons in there. Like you, I've seen so many different prints I like but don't want a ton of (like that crossword puzzle print) it.

    I'm a firm believer that if you wait a YEAR for something it's no really a splurge. You waited, so you EARNED it.