Saturday, February 2, 2013

Herringbone Triple Zip Pouch

Yay I got this done.  This being the Triple Zip Pouch sew along going on at A Quilter's Table.  Debbie is local to me, and her tutorial is amazing, which is a clear sign that grunge music is not the only great thing to ever come from Seattle!  I'm still trying to figure out why I don't do a better job of reading directions, and make so much more work for myself.  Part of the problem was that I started before I had my new order from Zipit so a week later I had forgotten everything and I manage to mess it up in a few ways, including sewing the top two pieces on upside down.

My favorite phase on this text fabric is "Stitch by stitch she pieced her soul together" and I truly do feel that sewing is amazing therapy for the soul.  The fact it follows up with some nonsense about goats just makes it all the better.

Herringbone in Lake from Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry
Memoir in White from Madrona Road - Michael Miller Fabric

Sadly as I was finishing up the pouch this morning, the programmable thermostat in the living room started smoking, then burst into flames.  Actually it was really fortunate I decided to sew just then, or I would have been in another room instead of present to put it out quickly.  I actually grabbed something off my design wall to bat at the flames, nobody ever said I was great in a crisis!

My husband has been reluctant to have me paint the room a more subdued color (which is odd since I'm the one who has to do the painting), but although I loved this color originally, it's been on the walls five years now, and since I'm making so many colorful things for the house, I think we really need a neutral.  I'm going to look at this as fate telling me it is time to paint things beige! 

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