Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Sewing - New York Beauty

My lovely sister came over to do some sewing with me this weekend.  She worked on hand stitching a chevron pillow cover she's in the middle of, and I decided to tackle another quilt long from 2012... nothing like not feeling current! :p

A year ago Sara at Sew Sweetness did a New York Beauty Quilt Along.  I'd wanted to try some NYB blocks since I saw them.  Now that I have some foundation paper piecing blocks done I thought I would risk trying these out.  Now uh... I'll also admit a few months ago I cut a template for one of them out and into little bits because I didn't know foundation paper piecing and english paper piecing were two totally different things :o  I feel much wiser today.

I managed to put together Blocks 0 and 6.  Block 6 gave me some trouble with a couple pieces just not seeming to fit right.   Per usual I had emailed myself a copy to the blog posts and tutorials for every single block I wanted to make, then forgot to actually look at them when I started work (though there are lots of GREAT tips on them so I hope I get around to that sometime....).

Something may be off with my printing, these are supposed to be 8" blocks but mine are finishing at 7.5" . There's rippling in a couple places so I imagine I have some ripping apart and resewing to do on these. On the bright side I didn't have a single issue of not having enough fabric overlap, so that's a win!

It's hard for me to work with muted colors (not that these really count as muted do they?), and I'm not sure if I'm in love with these yet.  I really want to start all over again and go bright and saturated, but I'm resisting the urge.  My plan is to make 8 of the blocks and to use them for a pillow cover.

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