Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rainbow Road Table Runner

I feel like a complete slacker when it comes to Curves class.  I plan on doing a number of projects from it, but with BOM's and sew alongs, and etc .... I found it easy to procrastinate, especially as I'm not GRADED on turning in assignments on time ;)  Nevertheless I buckled down to start something, and I managed to put this together over a weeks time.

I had charm squares, lots of charm squares, from two Kona swaps I participated in.  I'd used most of my favorite colors for other things already, but this seemed to be an excellent way to use up some of the ones I wasn't so enamored of.

I planned on making  a full width tablecloth,  I tried out backgrounds of white, beige, of grey, but none of them looked right.  I liked how it looked against the black of the table but I didn't have enough black fabric for that so I decided keep it as a table runner. 

This was the first time I used the walking foot that came with my new machine.  I was amazed at how much of an improvement it was over NOT using one, man, if you don't have one but your sewing machine can use one, order one now!

I quilted it with straight lines 6" apart & a chevron pattern 3.25" apart.  I decided not to square it off and let it be a bit more organic but I may recut the right side to make it curvier.  The edges were folded under and sewn instead of using binding.

My husband's input was "looks like Cinco de Mayo" leading me to imagine that it won't be on the table year round...or maybe he just means it makes him want a margarita...

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