Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fractured Pervalong - Fabric Choices

Fractured by Charlotte @ Displacement Activity
Charlotte at Displacement Activity started a
 quiltalong last year (or pervalong, would've loved to be a fly on that wall!) for her kick ass pattern Fractured.  I wanted to make it the second I saw it, but  I certainly wasn't anywhere near ready to tackle foundation paper piecing at that point.  With several paper pieced blocks under my belt, I thought I should go for it.  Actually I am rather pleased with how a bit of practice has increased my comfort level!

There's a flickr group, and under the prep your foundation pieces topic, Nataki has a link to a great pdf she made up if for both 18" and 36" square sizes, so I have printed out the pieces for the 18" mini.

Coming up with a ten color palette was enough to make me shudder.  I decided it'd be a good time to browse some design seeds palettes to base it off of, and  I went with the rusted hues.  Of course I went brighter and nixxed the orange, but I will revisit this color collection for something in the future.

I tried to work my choices around a few fabric colors I already had.  Turns out I have uh...5 bright greens so similar in hue that they'd just blend together if I tried to use more than one in this.  Then I kept ending up with 12 choices instead of ten, but I finally sorted it out.

I AM nervous about doing the 18" instead of the 36" after the incredulous "that whole thing is only going to be 18 inches?" That came out of my husband's mouth, and...what the hell, that is small!

Kona - Lime
Pure Elements - Dark Citron
Kona - Cacuts
Pure Elements - Light Citron
Pure Elements - Sandstone
Pure Elements - Mauvelous
Pure Elements - Verve Violet
Kona - Cerise
Moda Bella - Boysenberry
Pure Elements - Cabernet

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  1. so glad you are having a go! I love your colour scheme :-D