Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trajectory Pillow

I'd downloaded Dorrie's altered pillow size (16") version/template of Megan's trajectory quilt after wandering across it on Craftsy awhile back and it felt like a "make a pillow day" so I, you know... made a pillow.

This seemed like a good way to use the Lipari charm pack of Oakshott I'd snagged from Contemporary Cloth that were in stock a few months ago, as I hadn't found any around Seattle to touch and look at.

Working with the Oakshott was nice - the fabric is sturdy, and didn't fray badly during the process.  It turns out though that most of these colors were too dark for my taste to show off their best properties in the gloomy indoors, but look at that nice glow in the sun! I still find them very charming and hope to get a pack of the Ruby Reds sometime. 

Trajectory pillow back

I used Essex linen in Ivory for the rest of the front, and the back is Kona in Iron. It's quilted with Aurifil, which is really starting to grow on me. 

The pattern went together in a matter of a few hours and then I procrastinated quilting it for awhile since we had some lovely warm weather early fall weather that I had to go sit out in.

I'm sure it will bug me for awhile that the fabric looks so much less fantastic in shade than it does in sun but I suppose it's just like my hair, which is always more awesomely impressive when it is out in the sun ;)

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