Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Foxes, Mermaids & an Embroidery Wall

I finally finished a vintage mermaid tattoo type embroidery this week that I've been working on for awhile. I had a lot of fun shading this one with colored pencils, and am thinking it's time to upgrade from a 12 pack to something with more variety (fancy!).

It's been added to my embroidery wall, as we are in a rental and I don't want to fix the repairs dozens of little nails would leave, I've taken a slab of insulation that was too small to really be used as a quilting design wall, and made it into an embroidery wall. 

I'm liking this for a few reasons, I can move it around, and even the large hoops are held up by one, yes one, pin.  I will probably be getting around to covering it in fabric - perhaps a vintage sheet soon, so it is prettier.

On a fox note, there is a seven year old of my acquaintance that has suggested she has an interest in trying her hand at some embroidery.  I thought I'd start simple, and use the F Fox pattern from penguin and fish that I got as part of the Handstitched class I did last year.  I am grateful to have bought a Crayola light up box to trace embroideries with, it's such a time saver!

I also whipped up a couple of felt pincushions for her to choose from, and suppose I should pick a sampling of floss in both realistic and fantastical colors for her to pick from, as I probably shouldn't expect her to be traditional about this stuff, now that I think about it.

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  1. Love your embroidery wall.

    You reminded me of something I could put on my christmas list. A light box! Thanks for that.