Thursday, October 31, 2013

Marcelle Medallion and uh huh, shopping

I'd really better start reading all the blogs on how to get better pictures  That and making myself a big old pressing board so I can keep this thing wrinkle-free for more than 5 minutes. As I said in my last post, I've finished my Marcelle Medallion, and now my batting has arrived & I'm piecing the back.  It ended up at about 86" by 94". My husband was sweet enough to hold it up for me and this is the first quilt that's been so large he couldn't hold the corners.

On another  note, I just got back from Bellingham, WA.  It was one of those days  - the end of a trip where you are eager to get home. I was on my way to my last commitment, lunch plans.  There was that moment when you realize you have enough time to stop by that quilt store and spend 15 minutes in it, or you can risk going to have lunch first, and then being way too impatient to drive back through all the busy streets to check it out.

Of course it was a no-brainer, and I made the quick stop at Fourth Corner Quilts.  I hadn't checked for fabric stores before I left, and wasn't even sure what I'd find.  Really it was such a blur that I can't say much about it - it had multiple rooms, with both classic and modern prints and sold Janomes, one of which I lovingly caressed as I walked by it and its $4k price tag. 

I am sure I missed a lot of gems, but I didn't have time get fabric cut.  Luckily for me - pre-cuts!  They had a lot of charm packs, layer cakes and even the hexagon precuts, but on a lot of the fabric displays, they also had 1/4 and 1/2 yard cuts of a pretty good variety of fabric, more than I've seen anywhere before. I ran around in glee and when I got up to the register I realized I had a nice choice for the basis of a new quilt.  I already have some of the Ladder Dot and I'd used a Comma charm pack for this pillow.  I'm pretty sure that  is Kaufman Interweave Chambray in sorbet there, I was happy to see it in person, I likely never would have ordered any, and it's much prettier than any of the pictures I've seen (yup, including that one) convey.

Birch Bay, WA
Considering making another trip up sometime soon just to browse in depth - I used to make the 2.5 hour drive this route to visit my husband when we were dating, and now it's only 1.5 hours so it seems like a win ;)  Also I got to see a bald eagle and gorgeous sunsets, so I see no down sides to going again.


  1. I love your Marcelle Medallion. The fact, that it is so big, makes it more atractive ;-)

  2. Your marcelle is so beautiful! The combination of colours is so fresh, and I love the extra borders you've added.

  3. :) This is such a Pacific Northwest quilt! (Said the girl who grew up in Oregon) :D I'm loving these colors. PS Check your email :D