Thursday, November 7, 2013

Viking Wear & WIPs

I haven't been making clothes lately -not that I was ever good at it, but there's a Viking themed pub crawl this weekend and something viking is required so I raided my fabric stash to use what I had at hand.

So far I look like a Christmas elf, but oh well :D   I winged both the tunic and apron dresses.  The red fabric is kinda see through, it was meant for a vacation tunic...I'm either heading to goodwill for a slip, or will attempt making one tomorrow.  The apron dress is wool, which I've never worked with before, it's not particularly shapely, but considering I probably wont be wearing it more than four hours, I can live with that. 

For accessories, I made a 6 panel hat by tracing my iron (so glad I found that suggestion somewhere today) for a template, and used some "fur" I picked up from Joann's earlier today for a capey thing.  The brooches are actually beads that I picked up in a lot of beads and trims at an estate sale, they happened to be sewn into this shape for some reason.

I'm not quite sure how to do the cape, sometimes it was pinned on with those brooches which I'd like to do, so I'm still working on the shape. Tzatziki let the fake fur sit on the cutting table for a whole 30 seconds before she jumped up to claim it as a bed, so I took that as a cue to call it quits for the evening.

Maybe I'll end up with better pictures, but the hubby is out of town and the cats wouldn't help me take any :( So there ya go, my first pub crawl, my first winged patterns, my first attempt at being viking-ish.  

On my quilt wall (mostly at least)
A Carole Friedlander Tangelo quilt I'm working on for my sister, in purple, green and black.
Starting the hand stitching for my Marcelle Medallion, with Aurifil 12 wool thread (giving me a bit of breaking issues so far, but I'm stubborn).
A mini quilt with 2" squares, as I was considering doing a large version with some much loved fabric, and want to try it out first.  Verdict so far, probably not doing that.

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