Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Marcelle Medallion Borders 5 and 6

In an effort to gently increase the size of my quilt, for border  I made my pieces 2.5" by 3.75" instead of the 1.75" by 3.75" called for.  I also made three rows, and ya know what?  I had no idea there were only two rows until this very second and I looked up the clue how I got the idea there were three, but it fits into my king sized plans quite well *cough*

Border 6 - I'd been auditioning 8 different prints for it, but nothing seemed just right so I went with a solid green.  This will make it an easier transition to a print here, I think & I'll be adding a solid print border to this before I add border 7.

I've started the crosses for it too, during a bout of insomnia that kept me cutting and trimming until 5:30 am yesterday morning - trying not to think about how many more blocks I'll have to make to compensate for the increased size though :o. 

On another note, last weekend I spent several days on Vashon Island, and my sister and I made a stop at Island Quilter.  They had Carolyn Friedlander's Tangelo quilt hanging in the front of the store, and my sister said I could make one for her. :D  It was absolutely gorgeous in person, and they sold kits but we decided to choose our own fabrics, so we grabbed most of the 12 fabrics needed for it, and I'm supplementing the rest from my stash. 
Island Quilter goodies


  1. Your quilt is turning out beautifully!

  2. Beautiful progress! I like the extra row of bricks in the last border.