Friday, October 4, 2013

Embroidery & Marcelle Medallion Progress

"Suck It" is a 7" hoop.  It tends to be something I say instead of "Screw Off" when I'm in a good mood.  Really, I usually mean it very lovingly!
It isn't particularly noticeable here but I used a darker orange at the centers of the petals and a lighter one for the outside edge and tips.  I used this nifty cursive font generator to plot my lettering

I also did one of the girls from a Natalie Krim picture, I didn't get the smile down, there's a lot of practice I need to do on learning fine detail.  She's got some really cool quirky stuff, and I wanted something fun to look at.

I'm just slowly making progress on my Marcelle Medallion plusses.  Finally put up a quilt wall this week on a 10 foot tall wall since pinning a bit of batting to the wall wasn't very satisfying. This one is out of range of my cat's claws, but kinda out of mine in a lot of ways at 5'2"...

My cats remain highly amused that I'd been laying out my fabric on the floor in the interim, and I'm tired of their smug looks every time I walk in the sewing room to see the mess they've made.

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