Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Marcelle Medallion Quilt Top Finished

Oh ya!!!!  Despite being thwarted by cats at every turn, I managed to get all the pieces of the top out from under them long enough to get this sewn together. These colors aren't really what ever would've chosen, but I think I'm going to like it since our bedroom in this rental house is blue.

One problem - one of my cats (I know which one, dammit) jumped up on it when I was testing the width out on the bed, and poked and ripped holes.  The rip's about 1/4" but since it's in a solid border, I'm not really sure how I'm going to fix that.  I see some creepy applique in my future!

After my plus signs I added a border of Domino Dots in Starfruit from the Waterford park collection, wider on the sides than the top and bottom, and then a 2" border of Kaffe Fasset shot cotton in Blue Jean (I had JUST enough to do it, and one border it a teeny bit narrow on the last couple of inches.  Nevertheless it's some giant size I have no idea about the final measurements of, but I think if we ever switch to a king size bed it will actually cover it adequately!

I'm looking forward to getting my husband to stand around holding it over the balcony so I can take a picture of the whole thing - after getting rid of all the spider webs out on the porch that is.

Still haven't started piecing the back, but it's going to be simple.  For the binding I'm using Bella Stripes in Citron by Lotta Jansdotter -  I've only used solids in binding up til now, so I'm looking forward to trying something different.

I'm just waiting for my Warm and Natural batting to get here, and debating if I want to hand quilt it or not. *shudder*.


  1. Great job on this quilt!!! Love all the cool colors :) Definitely looks like a quilt-by-check quilt to me!!

  2. Hi Ali, try this Chaco Liner Pen Style by Clover, it brushes off really easily, it's like a chalk roller but easier for curves etc :)
    p.s. sorry, I couldn't find your email address lol!