Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wonky Star Engagement Quilt - Mission Accomplished!

If it weren't for A Lovely Year of Finishes I may have never finished this. It's been about ten months since I finished the quilt top, and since I've only been quilting for 15 months... At that point I'd only machine quilted with stitch in the ditch,  so I thought I'd hand quilt.  I only hand stitched around the center squares and it still took forever and ever.

Not much to say.  I'm so tired of this quilt it's not even funny.  Started off with Kona solids in both parties favorite colors, but that looked flat so I added some prints & Pure Elements empire yellow (I love that color so much!) and it helped some.  This sure isn't my favorite quilt to date, but's done! *happy dance*

Yes, its horrific isn't it?
I didn't think I was going to get it done with my machine broken -somehow my dear husband bringing my backup up from the garage did what a few hours of tinkering couldn't...made the feed dogs kinda start working - they wont start things moving unless I start stitching away from a corner, which is what my old machine did.  Think they're still a bit lower than they used to be. No singer warranty centers in my state.  Not happy.

But it's patched where it needed to be yesterday, washed and dried it and labeled, done and cat hair free! My dear ex DID joke "didn't you start that two years ago or something?" so I might smother him with it...


  1. from the perspective of someone who didn't make it I can assure you that it is very nice. I'm sure they will love it!

  2. The quilting Looks so nice on the backside!!!