Friday, May 24, 2013

So this is how it's gonna be huh? Also Contemporary Cloth mini review

Scrappy Sewing Machine Cover in Progress
This post is going to be all over the place, chalking it up to the 4 cups of coffee and the chocolate covered espresso beans that've been all I've had today...huh it's lunchtime isn't it?

I got a(n all things considered) thrifty Singer Quantum Stylist machine for myself for Christmas.  I was working on a sewing machine cover for it this morning when things stopped cooperating.  My top thread kept breaking (thought it might be the thread, it was some semi metallicky Sulky for the topstitching), the stitch length stopped regulating, things started knotting up & I kept re-threading but finally it just started knotting up.

Henry Road remnants - 7.5" saucer for comparison
I wondered if it was the fabric I was working on, which at the moment of destruction happened to be cotton duck.

Hey look its a great segue to mention something I got from Contemporary Cloth this month, a Henry Road remnant pack.  Now, apparently I'm a sucker for scrap packs, but when I got this I was like..what the heck did I just get?  Ive never even actually heard of Henry Road, and don't have a need for cotton duck, but well there ya have it.  $50 a yard cotton duck, and here's what I got in my remant pack. They do make some fabrics I like but most of these aren't them!

Back to the machine - the feed dogs wont raise all the way so the fabric won't move.  I can manually lift it up but as soon as I start moving the needle it drops down into the FMQ position and won't go back up.  There isn't an easy way to get the machine apart so I can see how the whole things works, and although the hubby is tech savvy, he's not this kinda tech savvy.   It's all clean, new needle, so its probably the spring.  I'm going to keep tinkering with since I have a number of threads open with tips, but I think I'm out of luck.  Main irritant about this is I haven't finished my Lovely Year of Finishes project for May yet.

Oakshott Lipari charm pack
I'd ordered a charm pack of Architextures too, and the Lipari Oakshott charms.  I wasn't too happy with the Oakshott because they were creased in the middle and I've ironed them but the crease didn't come out on all of them.  I was less than impressed with the brown and black in the pack, but the luster of  some of them is undeniable.  Too bad they aren't a bit less pricey.

Anyway, my order from Contemporary Cloth arrived in a timely manner, the other items I got were all in good shape,  I'll order from them now and again, and I'll never need to buy another remnant pack ;)

So back to the machine..there's not a Singer Warranty center anywhere in WA state, so I'm hoping shipping it out won't be too much of a hassle, but I can't say I'm feeling optimistic about this, or looking forward to going back to my garment oriented and non quilt friendly Brother .


On a side note, it turns out the Groove Quilt from the totally groovy quilt along matches the  Comma pillow I made well enough that I don't have an excuse to make a new quilt this week..then again since my main machine is broken I suppose that's for the best!

Ponzu settles into his new crib

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