Friday, May 3, 2013

Doctor Who? Embroidery

Excessively geeky post here.

I was lucky enough to be invited to be the guest of a guest at a wedding last weekend, and although they requested no gifts, I really thought "whats better than giving an overly personal handmade gift to somebody I met once briefly two years ago that asked for no gifts?" Thats not too weird!

It probably isn't too weird actually, as the wedding was Doctor Who themed, with a Tardis and all! (And there were men in kilts, which is totally unrelated but still welcome)  I love Doctor Who as a whole, though the episodes can be hit or miss.  My husband got me to start watching it as part of his sinister plan to make me geekier and geekier with each passing year.

I'd repinned an image awhile back from deep in the bowels of tardisadventures.

I'd thought it might make a good embroidery - one of the weaknesses with the bit of embroidery I've done is doing too MUCH & I thought this would be a good challenge to try to decrease the detail since I couldn't manage to copy it exactly.

This was a good chance to try a variety of stitching techniques, thank the stars (pun!!!!) I've the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Embroidery Stitches as a resource.  I used DMC floss & metallic floss.  I may have gone a bit overboard, some of the embroidery there is the first initials of the bride and groom in uh... the Gallifreyan alphabet as well as the word Love.  I figure any Who fan should get a kick out of that.

This was quite the undertaking, but I was happy that although I love how it turned out, flaws and all, I'm not regretting it being meant to find a home elsewhere.  (that's an 8" hoop, by the way) I suppose next time I better make something for the spouse - he's still waiting for his Dalek/Llama embroidery....

I was still finishing up a drawstring carrying bag for it last minute so I had something to put it in.  I also forgot to take a picture, but I used Madrona Road's Memoir print to cover the back,  it has all sorts of whimsical sayings that I thought were very appropriate for the situation. 

french knots, blanket pinwheel, stem stitches, satin stitches...

The wedding was great fun and their vows were everything you'd WANT vows to be.  It's good to know that I am still perfectly incapable of not crying in public during happy things!

They didn't have a gift table (that whole please dont bring gifts cause we don't want to have to cart shit home after thing I'm guessing ;) so this hasn't been passed along to them quite yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it arrives in one piece and makes the bride and groom giggle a little bit.

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