Friday, January 25, 2013

Portal Potholders - Part 2

that blue one isn't even really round anymore....

Yay to the fact I have my January's Lovely year of Finishes project finished.  Boo to the fact it was harder than it probably had to be.

I did my applique Chells, THEN I found a wonderful picture tutorial with lots of tips and hints at Cat Patches on how to do applique.  I did use Steam a seam on the back of my figures, but that's about the only thing I did "right".

I didn't even think to use a blanket stitch for applique, I just zig zagged it.  Probably be more sturdy if it needs to be washed....And maybe I should've used fray check cause was fraying.

mid project binding fail
The orange binding went on beautifully.  The first blue I tried puckered and warped and went on horribly.  The only difference was the orange was unwashed & the blue, pre-washed.  In fact all three blues I have close enough to match the game's colors were pre-washed.

After pretending it didn't exist for a few days, I painstakingly ripping the binding off and tried again, startching the heck out of my new bias tape, and it worked out _much better_ but not anywhere as perfectly as unwashed fabric, so lesson learned (I hope!).  I think it was slightly narrower than the orange bias tape too.

On the down side, after taking the binding off I had to trim the edges of the potholder in a few spots and so the blue one is a bit smaller than the orange one. :|  The orange one sure looks great though! ;)

moderately better final binding

The potholders ended up going directly on the recipients bookshelf of geeky toys n stuff (along with the only cross stitch project I've made in the last 30 years) <<<

Apparently they wont be sullied in the kitchen so perhaps I could've skipped the insulated batting, but I'm glad they were well received, and now I can attempt something more challenging for next month's project!

Potholder bodies - Kona in black
Seam binding - Kona in orange and turquoise
Chell - Kona in snow
Insides - one layer of Insul-Bright insulated batting, one layer of Natural and warm batting
Thread - Guttermann


  1. What a great finish! And next month more challenging you are a trooper. Do you use starch? I'm wondering if that may have helped the blue. Regardless they both look amazing!

  2. Lovely pot holders, Ali! Your curve binding looks great! Thanks for sharing your tips.