Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Kool Kat Kwilt

So after I had....just about two quilts under my belt early this year, both made with GIANT squares of fabric so I was feeling confident.  I thought I would start early to make my MIL a quilt for Christmas.Our decor tastes are different, but I figured we both think cats are awesome, and I figured I could handle a lap quilt, so I went a-googling.

I searched around and found the Kool Kat Kwilt pattern, made by Patti Carey.  The PDF doesn't seem to be available as of 12/14. I scratched my head  a lot over the directions a lot as I'd never done a quilt block before and I'm not sure it's a proper pattern.  I ended up with askew blocks & while they were supposed to be 8" blocks I ended up having to trim them to 7.5"  I didn't know how to plan for fabric amounts, so I ran out of the FQ bundle I'd got when I tried to finish this up later in the year, and uh...improvised.

There were all sorts of problems, I accidentally cut through two pieces (no spare fabric), fused them next to each other onto interfacing and didn't think to zig zag them together or something BEFORE I sandwiched the quilt.

I don't want to think about how many mistakes I made on this - ha ha ha, embarrassing and on top of that, my husband said his Mom had made one quilt in her life, and on our last visit there I saw NUMEROUS well made quilts she had done - if I wasn't embarrassed before ;)  But it's the though that counts at least!

I hand stitched it with pearl thread, and used a satiny sheet for the back.   I'll just cross my fingers that I've learned a lot since I started this and could do it better today.


  1. I think it looks fabulous and hand quilting it makes it even more special! I'm sure your MIL will love and cherish it! Congrats on your first finish for 2013! Wishing you a happy new year and hope this year will be as productive and creative. =)

  2. Ali, this is such a great pattern you found, and what great execution!!! I am slightly into cats (kidding, I have 4!) and need to download this! No one will ever notice any of your mistakes and look at what you've learned in the process. Great going and happy new year!!