Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hand Quilted Chevron Pillow

After participating in two Kona solid charm swaps that Alyssa at Pile O Fabric held last year, I found myself in possession of a hell of a lot of 5" Kona squares.  I've seen a number of lovely chevron pillows lately, and since working with solids is something that's somewhat of a challenge for me with my print addiction, I wanted to give a solid chevron pillow a shot. (And it's sure easier to make sure your fabrics go together :| )

I had a 16" pillow form I wanted to cover, so I picked out 4 reds and 4 yellows Kona charms and made 4.5" half square triangles with Kona in snow.

Unlike my last pillow attempt I was smart enough to use some batting to back it, and I think it turned out looking much nicer. I used some DHC pearl cotton to embroider on the Kona snow some, as it looked a bit stark


The back was a bit harder, I tried a few designs but the one I wanted... well there wasn't a way to sew it together easily, so I went with this and used more of the charm squares and Kona snow

I wasn't sure how I was going to close this, but the back design made the choice of a side zipper easy.  The only zippers I had big enough were garment zippers, so I used a slightly too small vibrant pink one from my last etsy order from zipit, and just made fabric tabs for the ends so it was wide enough.

If I was predicting the future, I'd say this time next year I'll have a sofa full of pillows and nowhere to sit!

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