Friday, July 6, 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along water bottle holder & Strawberry Thyme Ice Cream

Water bottle applique

Last night I finished my Zakka Style water bottle holder for the sew along.  It was a bit confusing to follow the written directions and I'm not actually sure if it ended up the way it was supposed to, but I did learn a new skill along the way at least.

 I'm not entirely sure how sturdy it's going to end up being long term,  it's probably going to be fine but I like to worry!  If I make another one I think I'll put some batting in between the bottom layers and quilt it in so it has a more stable base to sit on.

For the applique and short strap I used Valori Wells cocoon in sapphire cashmere, and for the upper body of the holder and the long strap I used Rhapsodia Frida's dream in cool. (Really I never know if I'm getting the names arranged right!)

I am really happy to use Art Gallery's Rhapsodia fabrics any chance I get, too bad I used such a giant applique to cover it. My solid is - well I'm not sure, but it's blue!

My button jar isn't exactly overflowing, and I didn't have any buttons at hand that matched, I'll have to be on the lookout for replacements soon so it's a bit prettier.

sorrowful misuse of lovely ice cream
I did use my ice cream maker for the 4th.  I read a few strawberry ice cream recipes  and then winged my own mash-up, and was finally able to find a use for some of the lemon thyme in my herb garden.  It's tasty but I really think that next time I'll follow somebody elses recipe for once!

There was too much ice cream for one container, so I divided it in two - my husband had some leftover Nerd candy, and some Candy Brain Juice (sour apple liquid the color of gore) and wanted to add it, so I was VERY glad to be able to divide the batch.

 I am perfectly pleased with my Strawberry Thyme ice cream staying au naturel, TYVM!

I admit, the brain liquid did add a pretty color!

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