Monday, July 16, 2012

Coaster of the Month - July

I was working on an applique mug rug for this month's coaster, but then while looking for chair cushion patterns I saw a zig zag and had to drop everything to go make a zig zag mug rug. 

I'm pretty sure I need to take my machine in for a tune up - my bobbins aren't winding well & I'm having a devil of a time keeping my tension even (though really that's been an issue for some fabrics since I bought it). 

I need to work on spacing, but it's a lot better than last month's coaster, so I can't not be happy!  I still need a LOT of work on binding corners, but at least 2 of them are squarish?  I know there are better ways to deal with the end of the binding too, good thing I have the internet to look things up.

I used bits of fabric from Lucy's Crab Shack, Pezzy Prints & Serenade charm packs with some Kona Solids and Rowan shot cotton in Tangerine.

The next project I'm noodling on between other things is a quilt based around Piccadilly Circle's "Main Floral in Pink"that I got from Intrepid Thread.

I ordered some Kona solids to coordinate with it, and now I'm looking for the perfect pattern.  Pretty sure I should do it the other way around next time, but it just yelled SUMMER to me so I figured...hmm, no I didn't think beyond the yelling, fabric yells and I obey :(  Usually I have so much common sense too!


  1. What a cute idea! Never made a quilt and this seems to be a nice project

    1. Thank you, starting small is always good, and it would help you figure out if you want a new sewing addiction (Also quilting fabric doesn't take up as much room as garment fabric stash!)