Monday, July 9, 2012

Finished - Pezzy Print Quilt

I finished my Pezzy Print Quilt over the weekend.  The final measurements are 40" by 50"

Although I used mostly Kona cotton for the solids, I made the mistake of using some less expensive solids for a few colors, Joann's was having a sale so since I only needed a bit, I went ahead and got them.  They shrunk up with a hot iron, and that's the last time I roll the dice like that!

I used Kona snow for the sashing and back, and some of the squares left from cutting out the prints for a strip along  the back.  Next time I really have to use painter's tape to tape down the back when I'm putting the quilt together, it seemed like it was all squared up but alas,it ended up being a bit off kilter.

I've realized for smaller quilts I can just pin them up to my cat kennel for pictures. (Our indoor cats get stir crazy in warm weather, so we bought an 8' by 8' kennel so they can take turns lounging on the cement and eating grass with plenty of room to roam.)

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