Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zakka Along - Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch

Time to try my hand at another project from the Zakka Along at A Quilter's Table using the Patchwork Please book.  Ugh, this one had so many WORDS, words I just wasn't parsing.  I got stuck at one point but thanks to the write ups other people had done so far was able to get through that part. it's a bit uneven, and I feel like the lining could've been a bit more fitted, but it's done, and becoming a travel bag, since I've been *gasp* using one that I didn't make.

I decided to use blues, reds and pinks, three colors I never really use, but as I'm making a blue and red EPP pillow I thought I'd continue the theme. I think I'm hoping I'll learn to love some of my less favorite colors if I have them around more.

I cut out some fabric bits before remembering that it needed to be a mirror image for paper piecing, so I reversed the two panels on one side so the bits wouldn't go to waste.

Would I make this again?  Yes, and I will, but I'll probably do patchwork panels, and I think I'd make an more or less exact copy of the outer shell for the lining, so it would fit perfectly.  Uh... and I'll take more care to make sure my corners are all where they should be (best tips I found for assembly were from Alyce)

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