Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tarantula Time Embroidery

Ok, I made this for an awesome guy I know who has tarantulas, and likes them enough that he just got a giant tattoo of one last week.

I cannot do photo realistic embroidery, not that this was an easy first attempt at one... hopefully someday I might get the hang of it, I'd love to learn to, and have been searching for tutorials or help sources.  Nevertheless I kinda like it and he did too - it's a 5" hoop, and that's an Orange Baboon Tarantula, not one of the nicer beginner tarantulas to own. It has teeny french knots for eyes, not that you can see them to tell (but that's how it should be ;)

After getting to know his 6 Tarantulas a bit (uh, OK, I look at them, they sit there or run and hide, sometimes they eat a cockroach... :|) I started getting these motherly urges.

All of his are still pretty young so small, aka not scary) I couldn't resist anymore and ended up getting a spiderling a month ago.  I opted for an Avicularia Versicolor, who is a little blue thing about 3/4" that will grow into a 4"+ multi colored pretty creature.  That will be years though, so he (well, or she, TBD) still seems adorable.

My cats are all named after condiments/sauces (Wasabi, Tzatziki, Ponzu).  I'd really wanted an orange tabby to name Catsup but three is our limit, so I've named this cutey Catsup.  I DO have the tarantulas I want picked out already in case I go for a mayonnaise and a mustard of course... but I'll see how this goes first.

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  1. Congratulations on your new spider baby.

    I wonder if having a pet spider is like a warning to wild spiders. They see the one in the box and are like, "Oh, snap, let's get out of here!".