Monday, September 9, 2013

Zakka Along - Vintage Pencil Case

Time to try my hand at another project from the Zakka Along at A Quilter's Table using the Patchwork Please book. Why?  I dont KNOW!  I don't need a pencil case, but it was adorable.

I found the little paper piecing bits to be easier than I thought it's be, but I managed to botch the purple pencil seam allowance and not catch it until it was too late. I used Essex Linen in chocolate for the body of the purse, and the back is Blue and Yellow Apples by Yuwa

Ok, yes I find it ironic that I can't fit a #2 pencil with eraser inside the case, perhaps they used nubbier pencils back in the day ;)

Amy did a beautiful version with solids, I might just make a second one and add an extra inch onto it so I can fit full sized pencils, I think this one is becoming my travel pouch for colored pencils that I take with me when I embroider, since I've been incorporating a lot more of that into my time.

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  1. What? A pencil doesn't fit in? hmmm. At any rate your pouch is darling!