Thursday, September 19, 2013

Marcelle Medallion - Borders 1-3

The second border for the Marcelle Medallion QAL came together yesterday pretty easily, luckily I had a 60 degree triangle ruler. DISLIKE all the teeny cutting, so much so that I'm taking a break from cutting the 3 1/8 squares for the flying geese to write this.

border tryouts - blurry cell ;)
I pondered four choices for border 3 - I think I made the right choice for me, although the whole quilt seems to be getting darker and darker as I go, since I'm incorporating a good amount of dark blue and black in border 4.

I am considering making this a king sized quilt - the one I was working on is pretty much at a dead halt until I can get my quilt friendly sewing machine in for repairs so I can finish the quilting it and bind it.  I know I'll need to do something more interesting than adding more solid borders, but I'm debating what.  Orange Peel? Giant 60 degree triangles? X+ squares?  Ha..srsly joking on that last one, I don't have the patience for that much work, especially as I'm considering hand quilting this.

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