Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Triangles Pillow

Inspiration pillow @ Kitchen Table Quilting
Still on a pillow rampage over here, and had this pillow from Kitchen Table Quilting pinned that I wanted to do something similar to.  I DO plan on trying to do some form of every pillow on my pinterest board and I'm making pretty good headway!

Erica has a tutorial for how to make her pillow through that link, and maybe I'll try that someday, but I figured I should instead make more work for myself and wing it.

Freezer paper seems to have lots of versatile craft purposes I haven't discovered yet, and I want to try more of them out.  I planned my template out on an 18" square of it, and  I'll make a second copy of it so I can cut it apart to use for paper piecing and still have a reference for what the hell I'm actually trying to do.  My lines are 1" apart from each other. I didn't plan carefully so there are going to be a couple of Y seams I'm not looking forward to piecing together, but I think it will be straightforward other than that.

That craziness wont be my color scheme, I was just having color fun to differentiate the general layout.  I'm thinking black, blue, purple and green.

Linking up to a Lovely Year of Finishes, I'm sure this won't take too long to make so I don't feel time crunched to meet the deadline by the end of the month, but it's counting towards my trying new things this year goal.


  1. That's a great inspiration pillow! I love all the different size triangles, this looks very fun!

  2. I love that pillow, it was one of the first things I set as a favorite on flickr. Triangles are totally intimidating to me though, I'm excited to see how yours turns out!