Wednesday, April 10, 2013

King Sized Triangle Quilt

I'm pretty fond of super giant blankets (ones big enough that they'll still cover me at  4 am after my partner has spent all night tossing and turning clockwise and making them slowly creep across the bed and onto the floor on their side,  ya know?) so even though we only have a queen sized bed, it seems sensible (if unwieldy) to go bigger. I happen to be lucky enough that my quilt wall is JUST big enough to plan out a king sized quilt on.

Freshly Pieced - baby quilt
I have an inspiration as usual, a Triangle baby quilt from Lee at the Freshly Pieced blog. I'm using Mary Sue's Triangle ruler to make 7 3/4" tall triangles for this one.

So far I'm doing OK in the planning, I keep trying to add more and more colored bits and having less and less neutral showing. I guess this is one of those modern quilting challenges - managing to have a lot of negative space when I'm done.

I'm a fan of unusual quilt edges, so wont be doing straight edges, but a zig zag border that follows the triangles. Hopefully binding it won't be too horrible.

 I decided to make a cooler hued quilt than would be my natural tendency, to go with the Riley Blake Chevron curtains I have up.  I'm really confused by some of the fabrics I chose because I don't actually like all of them, but I'm going with it :p

My print choices are from Art Gallery's Carnaby Street, Anna Maria Horner's Field Study & Piper by Dear Stella. I'm throwing some matching solids in too, and using Kona in bone for the neutral.  I have a lot more tinkering to do and I'm not sure if I'll end up happy with it but that won't stop me from finishing it ;)


  1. I love your fabric choices, can't wait to see the finished quilt! Do you quilt King sized quilts at home, or do you send them for long arm quilting?

    1. Thanks Liz! I do the quilting myself so far. I'm considering sending one out sometime, but since this will be straight line quilting I'm going to tackle it!