Saturday, March 16, 2013

March's Blocks

March "Just Spoolin' Around" for And Sew On...
This month got away from me, luckily its been busy with good things, not bad.  I finally hunkered down to do my BoM's though.

First was the Just Spoolin' Around block for the And Sew On... BOM at Quiet Play. 

Didn't think a ton about what to use fabric wise, and didn't pull my other blocks out to make sure they'd all work together either, but that's just how I roll.

The background is busier than I planned but, live and learn (or don't learn, Im not gonna tell you what to do).

March's block for the Lucky Stars BOM  is called Ninja Star.  Wish there'd been a bit more fabric at the corners, since they'll be cut off when its sewn together, but at least it seems to be a pattern issue and not user error from what I can tell from flickr (for once ;)  This went together really easily for me all things considered.  There were less places to match and although I see it's a bit off kilter, I'm happy with it.

I do see that I need to PRESS and not iron if I don't want to see the stitches though, and I REALLY need to stop using white thread in the bobbins!

March Lucky Stars BoM - Ninja Star

I'm likely to do some blocks from the Forest QAL co-hosted between Shape Moth and Sewing under RAINBOW, it looks kick ass.  I'm just not in a hurry since I wont be making a finished quilt (it's judged, ya know!) but the first two blocks are intricate and beautiful so hopefully I can make time for them.


  1. Oh, man, press vs iron is a huge thing with me. I'm an iron-er. Pressing just feels so weird, like it's not really working, like I'm just patting the fabric hoping it will decide to not be wrinkled anymore. I'm sure when I start to really piece together my postage stamp quilt top, all the ironing I've done to my pieces will really show up as deformed blocks.

    I like the wild background fabric on your Spools block. It makes the whole block more interesting (kind of like it's all a crazy drug dream).

    I'm still not convinced I like paper piecing. I think it aggrivates my lazy-itis.

  2. I'm so behind on my BOMs! You're an inspiration! Love your spools!