Friday, March 22, 2013

Kaffe Collective Pillow

I am a super lucky person in all aspects of my life, tis true! I won a mini charm pack of fabrics from the Kaffe Collective at Fabric Fascination's blog. I got my choice of 4 different color schemes, and opted for the hot, maybe because it's winter maybe because I love shiny bright things, I'm not sure. I LOVE Kaffe, especially my bathrobe I made with a millefore print of his.

I was trying to figure out just what to do with 2.5" squares for a quilt, but gave up and went to my pinterest pillow board and found a couple patterns I loved and wanted to try and decided to go with that instead, I have a goal of making every single pillow in the world by the end of the year, after all!

Inspiration pillows
One side is a HST triangle pillow inspired by this one from During Quiet Time's blog.

The other side is a HST with a twist pillow pattern from the Plum and June blog.

Is there NOTHING half square triangles cant accomplish?!??!  I think not!

Making half square triangles out of 2.5 inch squares is a bit tedious, I admit.  I didn't spend excessive time worrying about trimming and lining things up perfectly on the front.  Machine stitched both sides with some pale yellow Aurifil.

Do I need to admit the one side looks better the further away you stand from it? Shhh, I like to do that and pretend I'm on a tropical holiday.  I DO think the first side is a wee bit ugly close up, and I don't care :D  One more pillow accomplished!

(seriously I need to start taking things outside to photograph them in daylight, eh?)

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