Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Schoenrock Cross Block Pillow

I have been less than productive lately, but managed to get some sewing done this week finally, including managing to finish the pillow I was making with the Schoenrock Cross block I'd found at Where the Orchids Grow.

Still pondering if I ever want to do an entire quilt out of this lovely block.  I'm starting to think a paper pieced quilt willl ONLY happen if I take the block of the month route...its a bit like labor right, the pain fades and each month you're willing to go through it again?

For the back I did a paper pieced  Swirly Twirly Dresden made up by Vicki at the Quilting Lodge Blog. Not so easy for me, I kept being a smidge short on the pieces with all those angles!  I used shot cottons for the rays, Voltage Dot in lime (Denyse Schmidt) for the center & Ladder Dot in Black (Denyse Schmidt) for the background.  I decided to applique everything on, even though appliqueing round things makes me dizzy!

Didn't have any longer black zippers so I decided to go with one of the bright assed ones from Zipit's etsy rainbow collection, and I'm glad I did, I love how it stands out.   12" Pillows are so teeny!  I like it anyway though :)

damp grass!


  1. I love both the pillows! It's so cool to see my block on your pillow. LOL You did a great job!

  2. Gorgeous Pillow! I love your colour choices, they're similar to my own. :D

  3. super cute pillows! lol about paper piecing! i signed up for three paper piecing qal's and I think that may be three too many...I do like the results though... Check your email from me - big winner on my blog ;)

  4. oh - and I want to know what three drinks your trying to perfect!