Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hawthorne Threads Order and Scrap Pack "Review"

Ha! It's that time again, time to make a dangerous post about fabric buying that makes me want to go shopping. Mainly wanting to share a sampling of what another fabric store offers in their scrap bundles.

I heard of Hawthorne Threads awhile ago, and if you sign up for their newsletter they currently have a giveaway link in it every week, so I get regular reminders of all the great products they carry.

I'd wanted to order some GeoCentric canvas for a travel kit for my husband (Intrepid Thread doesn't carry it or I would've already had it in my grubby hands),  so I took the opportunity to grab a couple more fabrics for the Tula Pink QAL @ sew sweetness.  I also got a warm and a fresh scrap bundle because I am obsessed with mystery bundles and had been waiting for an excuse to order from Hawthorne so I could check them out.

My package arrived quickly and when I opened it my first thought was "I didn't order any (more) Riley Blake chevrons?!?!?"  I soon sorted through the pile and realized that all those fabrics were in fact bits of the bundles.

Warm Scrap Pack
The bundles aren't bagged or anything but they put they put my yardage in between the two bundles to keep them separated, so here they are.  Do I know that I am sure which is which and I labeled them correctly? Not 100%!  I think they include a great variety of prints, and though all aren't my taste, as you can see there's some pretty great stuff there.

Hmm I always like to give a downside to a website.  Their main links only show 5 fabrics per collection so you have to click a link to see the entire thing, which is great if you know what you're looking for but you might miss out on seeing the fabric or two from a line you would like if you don't have the time to click on each one, cause there's a lot to look at.

Fresh Scrap Pack
Also, the only downside to the bundles - a lot of the fabrics were skinny quarters, and didn't have selvage with the names of the fabric on it.  I knew what a lot of them were but a couple of them I couldn't find on the website even with their sort by color feature, including the print I happened to be drawn to most.  I happened to find it while browsing another store yesterday though luckily. (Laura Gunns' Textured Polka Dot in Spice)

Not a big deal for most people, but I thought I'd mention it.  I'm resisting ordering more fabric until I make a dent in what I already have, but I'll certainly be ordering from Hawthorne again so I can justify getting more of the scrap packs.


  1. Yummy fabrics, Ali. Most of my fabrics were purchased from Hawthorne Threads and I'm very happy with the service thus far. My package usually arrives in 5 working days as oppose to 14 working days from other online stores. And the part which I love the most and I think you would agree too, is the tiered pricing - that's another plus point in my book!

  2. I like Hawthorne, too. I bought all of the Happy Drawing and Happy Drawing Too lines from them (they had the full collections unlike other places).

    I see you got a bit of Happy Drawing in your "fresh" pack. I just adore that fabric (I remember that drawing book when I was a kid).

    My only beef with Hawthorne (which is minor) is (as you kind of noted) their packaging. They do just kind of fling the scrap packs in, so if you forgot what you ordered you can get confused. That and they don't include a shipping list (if memory serves).

    I thought their scrap packs were very nice and very resonably priced. (I'm also a sucker for mystery packs and scrap packs--the majority of my fabric stash is mystery fat quarter bundles).