Friday, November 2, 2012

Finished (?) Embroidery, Tula Pink, and Fridays for the Middle Aged

Tula Pink Sew Along in mid quilting

Ok, I'm not going to say I'm middle aged yet, since the women in my family live for an awesomely long time, but I'm pretty sure my Fridays used to be fun and exciting.  My husband has a work event tonight, which means after finishing FMQ my Quilt for the Tula Pink sew along, I took a luxurious bubble bath with a glass of red wine and Angela Walter's Free-Motion Quilting (really? no tawdry romance or zombie novel?), then crawled into home made PJs. 9:30 and I'm sleepy and ready for bed!

Mediocre version of Seed Pod
I just hung this 6" embroidery that I thought I'd finished, called Seed Pod from Katherine Shaughnessy's  New Crewel, The Motif collection  which is a pretty cool book, even though I'm supposed to be using wool something or other and not embroidery floss for it...

I'd traced it onto my fabric well before I started on it, and never went back and referenced the book until this moment.  Turns out those radiating bits from each circle are supposed to be in each pod, it should have another hundred french knots or so, etc etc.  I was considering going back and doing it properly, but I actually liked it before I realized my mistake, and I want to do a different colored one anyway, so I'll do that one right!

Anyway, I'm in the middle of hundreds of french knots for a negative space naughty word embroidery, so I'm not up to adding more knots at the moment!

I'm also doing a second Tula Pink item, since I didn't actually get many of my favorite fabrics into the quilt - uh, I'm not actually getting them into this other thing either for the most part, but that's OK, I'll hoard them for future projects. Anyway, I'm getting to combine two sew alongs in one which is my idea of awesome.

The Long Weekender Sew Along  is going on for Amy Butler's Weekender Travel Bag (seems to be a very challenging pattern, strength in numbers and all) which is supposed to be completed by November 18th, and since

 1. I've never made a bag
2. My local Pacific Fabrics carried the pattern
3. I'm a total sucker for quilt and sew alongs

I had to, you know?  There are a lot of cool patchwork weekender bags out there, and I am doing patchwork for the outer pocket on one side, but trying to stay semi cohesive for the rest of it, which is a challenge for me.  Now I just have to avoid all other sew alongs until I get stuff wrapped up and deal with Christmas and things will be good :)

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  1. Your FMQ looks great from here and love the Seed Pod embroidery piece...I think it still look lovely as it is!

    Look forward to seeing your progress on the Weekender Travel Bag...

    Have a lovely weekend, Ali!